The plots against Elizabeth

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Threats Elizabeth faced by the end of the 1960s

  • Catholics 
  • Spain
  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • Pope
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The Revolt of the Northern Earls

The majority of people in the North of England remained loyal to the old religion and ancient noble familles that held power for centuries felt threatened. Many noble's were jealous of being overlookd for importsnt government postions and felt they were loosing power.

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Which individuals were involved in the plot

Who - Which individuals created or were involoved in the plot?

  • Thomas Percy -Earl of northumberland-major catholic northern landowner
  • Charles Neville- Earl of westmorland - major catholic landowner
  • They were both against Elizabeth. 
  • Thomas Howard - Protestant - the Duke of norfolk -  rejected by Elizabeth when he asked to marry her. Which leads to him wanting revnege and not liking Elizabeth anymore. So he goes for Mary because he wants to be king. 
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Where did the Revolt take place ?


  • Northern England
  • Duhram- First place they invaded
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What happened in the revolt

<span style="background-color: #ffc133;">What - What were the key events ?</span>

  • Rebels took over cathedrals
  • illegal mass - betrays religious settlement 
  • meet with the earl of leicester - Dudley closest allies attend
  • waiting for spain but they never turn up
  • Dudley tells elizabeth about the rebels attack 
  • elizabeth sends 14,000 men in response
  • makes the rebels retreat to scotland but they get cut off
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When was the revolt



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Why did they choose to revolt and plot against Eli


  • The Earls and their followers wanted to make England Catholic again.
  • The Earls had lost much of their influence at court under Elizabeth.They resented the new men such as William Cecil , John forster and Robert dudley.
  • Elizabeths refusal to her name an heir,or to marry and have a child , created uncertainty.
  • The Earls feared civil war and loss of power and wealth under a future protestant monarch.
  • Thomas Howard wanted to be king . 
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The revolts significance


  • Showed that Mary Queen of scots, could not be trusted- so remained in prison
  • Pope excomminicated Elizabeth and called on loyal catholoics to depose her.This encouraged further catholic plots against her.
  • The loyalty of England's catholics was now in doubt.
  • This forced the government to take harsh steps against them
  • Elizabeths control over the North of England was strengthened

Long term significance-Elizabeths response

  • 450 were executed to send the message.
  • Not all of them were killed so she didnt look bloodthirsty but had to kill some to prevent her from looking weak.
  • Gets rid of Thomas Percy and Charles Neville
  • Thomas Howard gets away with it 
  • Catholics were starting to be treated more harshly.
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Why did the revolt fail ?

Why revolt failed - 

  • Support from Spain never arrived
  • Many northern landowners,especially those in lancashire and chesire , remained loyal to elizabeth.
  • Many landowners did not want to risk losing wealth gained from the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry Vll by backing a failed revolt .
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