The Person of Jesus

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jesus the teacher and miracle worker

the feeding of the 5,000 is a set text where jesus is seen as a mirical worker and a teacher. other stories see him as a taecher or a mirical worker 


  • jesus is called "rabbi" (teacher) by the deciples and others 
  • jesus teaches by using parables - e.g. the sower or the mustard seed 
  • jesus teaches bu using compashion "they are like sheep, without a sheperd"
  • jesus teaches us about the message of the kingdom of God. 

miracle worker 

three types of miricals 

  • nature miricals- calming of the storm, feeding 5,000
  • healing miricals- paralysed man, the man with leprosy, jairus' daugter 
  • exorcisms (casting out sprits) - the mission of the twelve 
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jesus the teacher and miracle worker (2)

the miracles show us

  • what God is like
  • that jesus is the messiah 
  • emphasises the impotance of faith 
  • the power of prayer 
  • hope to those in despair
  • power and authority of jesus 
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the feeding of the 5,000


jesus tried to get away from the crowd by sailing over Galilee to a "lonley place" but the crowd followed. jesus feels compashion and started teaching them. he though "they are like sheep, without a shepard." at night the deciples told jesus to send them away so they can ge omthing to eat. he tells the deciples to feed them. the deciples object saying it would cost them a whole years wadges. he gets the crowded in sit down in 50s and 100s. they collected 5 loaves and 2 fish. jesus gave thanks and fed everyone with 12 baskest left over. 


  • blessing the bread is like comminion.
  • 12 baskets of bread - 12 deciples 
  • groups of 50s and 100s- army units- that they were ready to march behind jesus 
  • everybody was full- god generocity. 
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the feeding of the 5,000 (2)

can something like this really happen?

this story is a good way to show the diffrent ways people could unterprate this story because its not phyisicall possible to feed 5,000 people with such small amounts of food. 

  • fundalmentalists and litralistist chritians- it happened exacly how they described it. 
  • conservative christians- would say that something maraculous happend, but it was Gods power to bend the rules.
  • librial christans- they would have reinterperaded and that it wasnt something of the suoernatrual. jesus really shared small amounts of food with everyone. the mirical was making the people more loving. 
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titles for jesus- christ/messiah

christ and messiah both mean annoited one 

what jewish people thought the messiah would be

  • decendant of david
  • he would be a great warrior 
  • he would be a supernatral natral figure 

jesus had a diffrent veiw on himself

  • he would be  peaceful figure -donkey not war horce 
  • tried to keep his identity secret (messianic secret)
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titles for jesus- son of man

its the most common tiitle for jesus amd the one jesus refers himself to the most. 

in the OT testement it meant 

  • an ordunary man 
  • a suoenatral figure 

however jesus identifies the son of man with the figure of the suffering servent 

  • son of man the person who has to suffer and die to save his people from sins 
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the paralysed man


jesus is preaching to a large croud in a house. four men made a hole in the roof and placed there friend down. (he was paralysed). Jesus see's their faith and tell the paralysed man "some, your sins are fogiven." teachers of the law thought it was balsphomus and said that only god can forgive sins. Jesus says to them "whitch is easier to say "your sins are forgiven ot tell him to get up and he said that he wanted everyone to know that the son of man has authority to forgive sins on earth. so he told the parylised man to get up take is mat and go, and he did. evryone was amazed and started to pray to thank god. 

other stories jesus is refured to as the son of man are 

  • the jewish trial a
  • predictions of passion 
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titles for jesus- son of God

in mark the title is used to mean someone who has a special mission and a special realationship with God. 

5 text that mention him as the son of God are

  • opening words of the gospel
  • baptism 
  • transfiguration
  • jewish trail
  • death
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what is the best title for jesus

jesus as a teacher 


  • people like the ideas that he teaches like peace, justice and equality
  • jesus teaching give us clear guidlines on living today
  • stories and parables are exelent ways of communicating. 


  • jesus was more than a teacher his main importance was him as a saviour though death and resurrection 
  • jesus teachings about the kingdom of god can be impossible to follow. 
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what is the best title for jesus (2)

jesus as a mirical worker 


  • shown his power and authority
  • healer- he's compassion
  • miicals set examples for chritans today 


  • hard to beleve what he did in this scientific age- doesnt seem possible now 
  • jesus was relucant to be seen just as a mirical worker. he often told people not to spread the news so people wouldn't think he is some sort of magicien 
  • what jesus did is less important then who he is. 
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what is the best title for jesus (3)



  • decendant of david- reminds us that jesus is a historical figure 
  • jesus furfiled the OT
  • jesus is a peaceful king


  • 'christ' today is often recognised as his last name or a swear word
  • messiah has a persific jewish meaning that christias today might not understand
  • to call jesus the messiah might encoueage the wrong understanding of his role. jesus was not a materialistic king so you should not seek power and status.
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what is the best title for jesus (4)

son of man 


  • he cohse it for himself - over supernatral ones
  • showing himan nature-more appochable 
  • shows his selfless love as a suffering servent
  • gives christians a mole model to follow servace and self sacrafise 


  • bit vauge- if you are not a christan you might not know what it means. 
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what is the best title for jesus (5)

son of god 


  • its exacally who he is 
  • easy to understand 
  • baptism- christan beleve they become childrens of god too


  • he is harder to relate to- makes him seem supernatral 
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