The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale Quotes

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The Portrait of the Pardoner quotes

·      “This Pardoner hadde heer as yelow as wex”

·      “I trowe he were a gelding or a mare”

·      “He hadde a crois of latoun ful of stones, and in a glas he hadde pigges bones”

·      “But with thise relikes, whan that he fond a povre person dwellinge upon lond, upon a day he gat him moore moneye than that the person gat in monthes tweye”

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The Introduction to the Pardoner's Tale Quotes

·      Host: “thou Pardoner…Telle us som mirthe or japes right anon”

·      Pardoner: “It shal be doon…But first…here at this alestake I wol bothe drinke drinke, and eten of a cake”

·      Other pilgrims: “Nay, let him telle us of no ribaudye! Telle us som moral thing, that we may leere som wit, and thanne wol we gladly heere”

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The Pardoner's Prologue Quotes

·      “My theme is alwey oon, and evere was - Radix malorum est Cupiditas”

·      “My bulles”

·      “In Latin I speke a wordes fewe”

·      “A shoulder-boon which that was of an hooly Jewes sheep”

·      “Telle an hundred false japes moore”

·      “Myn entente is nat but for to winne”

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The Pardoner's Prologue Quotes

·      “Myn entente is nat but for to winne”

·      “Thus spitte I out my venym under hewe of hoolinesse, to ***** hooly and trewe”

·      “Therfore my theme is yet, and evere was, Radix malorum est Cupiditas”

·      “Thus kan I preche again that same vice which that I use, and that is avarice. But though myself be gilty in that sinne”

·      “I wol nat do no labour with mine handes”

·      “Myself be a ful vicious man”

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The Pardoner's Tale Quotes

·      “O glotonye, ful of cursednesse! O cause first of oure confusioun! O original of oure dampnacioun, til Crist hadde boght us with his blood again!”

·      “O wombe! O bely! O stinking cod”

·      “A lecherous thing is wyn, and dronkenesse is ful of striving and of wrecchednesse”

·      “Alle the soverein actes…of victories in the Olde Testament…were doon in abstinence and in preyere”

·      “And now that I have spoken of glotonye, now wol I yow deffenden hasardrye”

·      “As the book seith us”

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The Pardoner's Tale Quotes

·      “Thise riotoures thre”

·      Boy to the rioters: “an old felawe of youres; and sodeynly he was yslain to-night”

·      Boy to the rioters: “Fordronke, as he sat on his bench upright. Ther cam a privee theef men clepeth Deeth”

·      “This riotour”

·      A rioter: “we wol sleen this false traitour Deeth”

·      “Al dronken in this rage”

·      “This olde man”

·      A rioter to the old man: “Why livestow so longe in so greet age”

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The Pardoner's Tale Quotes

·      Old man to rioters: “sires, to yow it is no curteisye to speken to an old man vileynye”

·      Old man to the rioters: “Ne dooth unto an oold man noon harm now, nambore than that ye wolde men did to yow”

·      A rioter to the old man: “thou spak right now of thilke traitour Deeth…Telle where he is”

·      Old man to the rioters: “To finde Deeth, turne up this croked wey”

·      Old man to the rioters: “God save yow, that boghte again mankinde, and yow amende”

·      “They founde of florins fine of gold ycoined rounde wel ny an eighte busshels”

·      “The worste of hem, he spak”

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The Pardoner's Tale Quotes

·      The worst rioter to the others: “this tresor hath Fortune unto us yiven…mighte this gold be caried fro this place hoom to myn hous – or elles unto youres”

·      The worst rioter to the others: “this tresor moste ycaried be by nighte”

·      The worst rioter to the others: “he that hath the cut with herte blithe shal renne to the town…and bringe us breed and wyn”

·      “It fil on the yongeste of hem alle, and forth toward the toun he wente anon”

·      The worst rioter to other rioter left with the money: “thou art my sworen brother…and heere is gold…that shal departed been among us thre. But nathelees, if I kan shape it so that it departed were among us two”

·      The other rioter in response: “I wol thee nat biwreye”


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The Pardoner's Tale Quotes

·      The worst rioter to the other: “aris as though thou woldest with him pleye, and I shal rive him thurgh his sides tweye”

·      The youngest rioter who had gone to town: “if so were that I mighte have al this tresor to myself allone”

·      “His fulle entente, to sleen hem bothe, and nevere to repente”

·      “Into the toun, unto a pothecarie, and preyde him that he him wolde selle som poison, that he mighte his rattes quelle”

·      The apothecary to the rioter: “in al this world ther is no creature that eten or dronken hath of this confiture…that he ne shal his lif anon forlete”

·      The apothecary to the rioter: “this poisoun is so strong and violent”

·      “In the two his poison poured he”

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The Pardoner's Tale Quotes

·      “What nedeth it to sermone of it moore?...Right so they han him slain…and with that word it happed him…to take the botel ther the poison was…for which anon they storven bothe two”

·      “Thus ended been thise homicides two and eek the false empoisonere also”

·      “O cursed sinne of alle cursednesse! O traitours homicide, O wikkednesse! O glotonye, luxurie, and hasardrye!”

·      “Now, goode men, God foryeve yow youre trespas, and ware yow fro the sinne of avarice”

·      “ye offre nobles or sterlinges, or elles silver broches, spoones, ringes”

·      “And lo, sires, thus I preche…So graunte yow his pardoun to receive, for that is best; I wol yow nat deceive”

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The Pardoner's Tale Quotes

·      “But sires, o word forgat I in my tale: I have relikes and pardoun in my male as faire as any man in Engelond…Com forth anon, and kneleth heere adoun, and mekely receiveth my pardoun”

·      “That may assoille yow, bothe moore and lasse”

·      “I rede that oure Hoost heere shal biginne, for he is moost envoluped in sinne”

·      Host’s reaction to this: “By the crois which that Seint Eleyne fond I wolde I hadde thy coillons in myn hond in stide of relikes or of seintuarie…They shul be shrined in an hogges toord!”

·      The Knight in reponse to this: “Namoore of this…I prey yow that ye kisse the Pardoner. And Pardoner…drawe thee neer”

·      “Anon they kiste, and riden forth hir weye”

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