The Matteiotti Crisis

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30th May 1924

Giacomo Matteiotti - Socialist Leader in Parliament

30 Minute speech took 2 hours

"Now you can prepare my funeral oratation"

11 days later he was killed.

Found two months later in a grave 23 km from Rome.

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Somebody noted down the registation plate of the car he was bundleded into. It belonged to Filipelli.

Filipelli - Leading Fascist.

Lead the investigation to Dumini, a member of a secret hit squad (Cheka) set up by Mussolini.

Dumini was the personal assistant to Rossi, the confident of Mussolini.

Opposition walked out of Parliament (Aventine Secession).

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Militia mobilised but integrated into the army with new oath to the King

Tighter controls on the press

Rossi and chief of police de Bono both sacked.

Conservative Federzoni replaced Mussolini as Interior Minister.

This marked the beginning of the end of democracy

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