The Instrument of Government 1653


The Parliament of Saints 1653

  • it was assembled in July 1653 and lasted less than 6 months. 
  • on the 12th December 1653, the more conservative members met and voted to dissolve the assembly.
  • Major General John Lambert produced the Instrument of government three days later, offering a new constitution. 
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The Instrument of Government

  • modelled on Ireton's Heads of Proposals in 1647 and served as the constitutional basis of Cromwell's power.
  • Cromwell had executive authority as Lord Protector, with a Council of State of 21 members.
  • a single chamber Parliament 460 members was the legislative branch of government.
  • parliaments elected every 3 years by voters with at least £200 personal property.
  • Cromwell head of NMA.
  • when he dies a new one will be elected.
  • presbyterian state church, but freedom of worship for all except Catholics.  
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