The immune response

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Phagocytes engulf pathogens

A phagocyte recognises the antigens on the pathogen 

Cytoplasm moves round it

Phagocytic bubble frms

Antigens stick to other cells and active them.

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Phagocytes activate T lymphocytes

White blood cell

Antigens have receptors 

T lymphocyte has a complementary antigen

Clonal selection

Clonal expansion

Helper T cells release substances to activate B lymphocytes

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T lymphocytes activate B lymphocytes which divide

Antibodies bind with antigens to form antibodie-antigen complex.

B lymphocyte meets a complementary antigen substances from T lymphocye activate the B lymphocyte.

B lymphocte divides by mitosis into plasma and memory cells

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Plasma cells make more antibodies to a specific an

Clones of B lymphocytes

Secrete antibodies

Antigen- antibodie complexes.

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