the heart

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Thickness of right atrium & right ventricle

1) Right atrium has less muscle

2) Right atrium pumps blood to right ventricle

3) Right ventricle pumps blood to lungs


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Explain how the Structure of an Artery is Related

Elastic Fibres: allow stretching to accommodate higher pressure      

Folded Endothelium: allow stretching to accommodate higher pressure

(Smooth) Muscle: muscle can contract / exert pressure       

Smooth lining / Endothelium: reduce friction / resistance to blood flow                     

Narrow Lumen: maintain (high) blood pressure

Collagen:  avoids {rupture / damage                                                                     

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Draw the structure of a Cell Surface Membrane (3)

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Explain the benefit of statins (2)

  • Lower blood cholesterol
  • Inhibition of cholesterol synthesis in liver
  • Reduce risk of CVD


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Effect of Temperature on Cell Membranes (3)

  •  Increased kinetic energy = increases movement of molecules
  • Phospholipids moving
  • (Membrane) proteins denature
  • More denaturation at higher temperatures / above 40  C 
  •  Pigment can escape from the cell when the membrane is disrupted
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Permiability of Beetroot Practical Procedure

  • Standardise betroot tissue {source & size}
  • Rinse beetroot
  • Use waterbath to maintain temperature
  • Repeats at each temperature between 20-90C
  • Calibration /zeroing  of colorimeter 
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