The Halogens - Group 7 Elements

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The Use of Halogens - Fluorine

Fluorine is the most reactive non metal element

It can be used in -



To purify water


Teflon for non-stick linings on pans

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Bromine and Iodine

Bromine can be used in-


to make medicine

in photographic film as silver bromide

Iodine can be used as an antiseptic to clean wounds :)

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Its Uses-

killing bacteria in water

as an antibiotic or disenfectant

as a pesticide 

to make hydrochloric acid

to bleach (paper too)

as a solvent

in food (salt)

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The Halogens

Fluorine very pale yellow gas

Chlorine Cl pale green gas

Bromine Br orange/brown liquid

Iodine dark purple/black solid

Astatine At Does Not Exist In Enough Qusantity to be Seen

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NB: Hexane

Hexane helps us to see the colours clearly

Hexane: pale green: chlorine

             yellow/orange: bromine

           pink/purple: iodine

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I would expect astatine to look like a solid with a very dark possibly black colour because the trend as you go down Group 7 is for each elements colour to become darker such as pale green gas to dark purple and a change of state from gas to liquid to solid can be observed.  

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Reactions Between Halogens and Halides

When a Halogen higher in group 7 is added to a halide solution lower in group 7, a displacemne reaction occurs.

Chlorine displaces bromide + iodide

Bromine displaces iodide but not chloride

iodine does not displace chloride or bromide

P.S. Halides are all negative

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Chlorine + Potassium iodide - potassium chloride


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