The Great Gatsby Review/Plot

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Chapter one

From the perspective of character Nick he begins by moving to the east side. He lives next door to Mr Gatsby unaware of his popularity from people. He goes to Daisy's and Toms home for dinner and for a chat. To find out that Tom is having an affair with a New Yorker but Daisy is playing the fool a sister she say she wishes her daughter to do so aswell. On the way home he sees neighbor Gatsby who prefers to be alone.

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Chapter two

Nick meets Toms mistress Mrytle in New York City, He is surprised to meet a whole lot of other people such as Mrytles sister Catherine who argues her confusion on why her sister and Tom are in unhappy marriages.

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Chapter three

There is a party at Jay Gatsbys house where Nick had got given a personal invitation to attend. He had heard stories of Gatsby such as being a murderer or a German spy leaving him frightened. But he had got to meet low-key Gatsby who was hard to notice all night, but he was invited to the planes a to 9.00am the next morning with Gatsby. Assumed that Gatsby and Daisy could also have a kind of relationship.

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Chapter four

Nick reflects on a time where Gatsby had a house party and he recalled all those who was invited. A while later him and Gatsby went for lunch- Gatsby told him the truth of his life and addressed rumors, there was also Mr Wolfsheim. Afterwards Gatsby had wanted Daisy to go to Nicks and coincendentally see Gatsby of which was shown the pair had history, Whereas, nick and Jordan had also grown closer with each other.

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Chapter five

Nick had arranged Daisy and Gatsby to come to his house, where they have not seen each other for five years. Gatsby had invited Daisy and Nick to his house

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Chapter six

The life story of Jay Gatsby is golf and who he associated with, such as Dan Cody; he got twenty five thousand dollars once he died. Gatsby had told his life story to Nick, but Nick had been away with Jordan. Tom had come to Gatsbys house and conversated, but went to the lady and Mr Sloanes house. Following day Gatsbybhad a party and Nick, Daisy and Tom was invited. Gatsby lovers Daisy and wants her back after departure for five years.

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Chapter seven

Secretly Daisy comes to Gatsby house but he fired old servants to avoid any rumors. Gatsby and Nick had been invited to Daisy house. Tom realized Daisy's affair with Gatsby but realized that his wife and his mistress both did not want him anymore. The affair of Daisy and Gatsby relationship was shouted out loud, where Daisy had picked Gatsby over Tom. Wilson had abused his wife brutally Myrtle Wilson, it was Daisy who had ran her over by accident but Gatsby was to take the blame.

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Chapter eight

From Nick perspective he tells the story of now Gatsby met Daisy, fell in love before leaving for Oxford. Him and Gatsby had breakfast before Nick was going to work. Wilson explained to Michaelis about Myrtel. Wilson had disappeared to go and find the person who killed his wife. A small he got to Gatsby house and he had killed Wilson.

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Chapter nine

Two years later Nick re tells the events and consequences of Wilsons death. Alongside this Gatsby had died also, but both Daisy and Tom had left in secretacy to begin a new life.

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