The Global Hydrological Cycle

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A closed system

  • The amount of water available on the earth is finite 
  • the total amount of water does not change because there is a closed system
  • This means there are no inputs from outside, and nothing is lost
  • Two processes, solar energy and gravitational potential energy drive the system
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Solar energy

Warm Climate = More evaporation = increased moisture levels in the atmosphere

Increased comdensation as air cools = Greater precipitation

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Gravitational potential energy

Keeps water moving through a series of inputs, outputs, stores and flows

outpusts govern inputs

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Global Extremes

  • Solar energy concentrated in the extremes
  • Evaporation from the sea produces high rainfall
  • 74% world's rainfall occurs at sea
  • Seasonal monsoons and droughts of Asia and Africa contrast with the temperate climates of North West Europe
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