The Gift by Chris Banks

Stanza 1

  • 'pumped up like a tyre' - simile, visualise the swelling
  • 'like the broad wing/ of a mother bird' - enjambement allows the sentence to flow, natural and tender reaction of son, roles of parent and child are almost reversed
  • 'pumped', 'tyre', 'tracking', 'signalling' - car accident
  • Stanza 1: observational, matter-of-fact tone
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Stanza 2

  • 'heart of pain' - metaphor, dramatic and poetic
  • 'pain bleed into tenderness' - antithesis (direct opposites), opposits merging, emphasises idea of accident and injury
  • '-' - at end of poem cuts off what she is saying 
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Stanza 3

  • 'Still. I am grateful for the gift.'
  • Appreciation for the gift of love
  • On its own
  • She is grateful that the accident led to an excellent relationship with her son
  • Single line places evidence on it
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Whole Poem

  • 1st person monologue
  • Free verse - natural tone, not forced, message comes from the heart, allows her thoughts to develop
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