The First Triumvirate

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Caesar's Reasons

  • Had returned from Spain in 60BC, wanted the consulship for the following year, 59BC. 
  • Unwanted by optimates in the Senate because of his unpopular popularis ideals. 
  • Cato put his cousin Bibulus in the position to go against Caesar. 
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Pompey's Reasons

  • Pompey wanted to settle his veterans upon arriving back from his campaigns in the East (in 62)
  • His actions had been blocked by the senate (specifically the optimates), so he was looking for some sort of overriding power. 
  • His veterans were seeing him as dishonourable. He feared their revolt. 
  • Joining Triumvirate allowed him to get Caesar to push forward his proposition. 
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Crassus' Reasons

  • Mithridatic war had caused massive losses to farmers, who appealed to Crassus (money lender) for help.
  • The optimates rejected this proposal.
  • Also needed to push through an agreement for contracting out tax gathering in the province of Asia. 
  • Crassus had also been socially damaged due to accusations made against him in the Bona Dea scandal (bribery).
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  • Formed in 60BC
  • Effectively took over the Senate due to Caesar's position as consul and seized control over Rome. 
  • Pompey starts to grow jealous of the attention that Caesar is receiving during his conquests in Gaul and acts erratically. 
  • Tensions rising until 56 conference of Luca.
  • In Luca, Caesar tries to get all 3 of them to re-ally by assigning 5-year commands for each of them (to get money/power/honour) and deciding that Pompey and Crassus should be consuls for the next year.
  • Crassus' death in 53 leaves an imbalance between jealous Pompey and Caesar. 
  • Initially solidified by Pompey marrying Caesar's daughter Julia. She dies in 54 and Pompey chooses to marry an optimate instead of accepting Caesar's offer of his niece. (example of amicitia) 
  • Pompey allies with Cato, effectively breaking the Triumvirate. 
  • Cato declares Pompey should be sole consul to sort out issues in Rome after Clodius is murdered by Milo. 
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