The enhanced greenhouse effect

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Greenhouse effect

Short wave radiation from the sun passes through the Earth's atmosphere.

The Earth absorbs some of the radiation, warming it. However, some short wave radiation is reflected back into the atmosphere.

Some long wave radiation passes back into space. Other long wave radiation is reflected off greenhouse gases in the atmosphere back towards Earth, trapping the gas and heating the globe even more.

Humans have contributed by:

  • Burning fossil fuels (Co2)
  • Deforestation (Co2)
  • Cattle farming (Methane)
  • Gas pipeline leaks (Methane)
  • Fertilisers (Nitrous oxide)
  • Cars/lorries etc (Nitrous oxide)

Nitrous oxide is 250 X more powerful than Co2

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Positive climate change effects on people/environm

  • Less ice in the Arctic ocean would allow more shipping of gas and oil reserves
  • Reliable rainfall and warmer temperatures will allow many food crops to be grown in most countries
  • Warmer climates will allow more exotic food to be grown all year around
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Negative climate change effects on people/environm

  • Most of the Himalayan glaciers will melt, causing rivers to rise. Southern India will be abandoned along with countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan due to flooding.
  • Coral reefs in Australia could lose biodiversity as the water becomes warmer and more acidic.
  • Due to increased desertification, only the north of Australia will have people living there and growing crops.
  • Drought is likely put pressure on food and water supplies in sub-saharan Africa. Disease may spread through humans due to increased mosquito populations.
  • In the Amazon rainforest a moderate level of climate change can cause high levels of plant and animal extinction.
  • Wildlife in Antartica such as Adelie penguins may continue to decline as ice retreats.
  • In America, desertification will make people move north. The Colorado river will dry up.
  • In the UK, flood risk from heavy rain is the greatest threat. The estimated cost of damage from flooding could rise from £2.1 billion to £12 billion by 2080.
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