The Development of the 'Second Red Scare'- Internal Factors

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1945- The Amerasia Incident

Amerasia was a pro-communist magazine in America.

It published sensitive information, that lead people to believe that there was communists in the state department that were giving away information that should have remained confidential.

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1946- Canadian Spy Ring discovered

This was at the same time as the Truman Doctrine was introduced

People in Canada were caught passing confidential information about America to the Russian

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1947-Establishment of Federal Loyalty Bonds

This coincided with the Marshall Plan

This meant that if you worked for the government and there was suspicions that you were a communist you could be sacked. 

3,000 people were forced to resign and 300 people were directly fired. 

This targeted people such as teachers, as the could pass there ideas on to children 

You could be accused of being communist dependent on your lifestyle. If you were homosexual, supported civil rights or listen to jazz music you could have been considered communist. 

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1947- The HUAC investigates Hollywood

HUAC= House of Un-American Activites Commitee

The saw Hollywood as the biggest source of communism, worried it would portray communism within films and influence people

The hired 41 'friendly witnesses' to snitch on people they thought were communist. Famous people who were 'witnesses' included Reagan and Walt Disney

The named and shamed 20 'communisms'

HUAC began interrogating people, 10 of which refused and were sent to prison- 'Hollywood Ten' 

100's of people became unemployed as they were on the 'black list' including individuals such as Arthur Miller, Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles

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1948- Alger Hiss sentenced to five years in prison

This coincided with the b.blockade

He was a member of the state department who was passing information to the Russians

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1950- China turns Communist/ USSR gets the Atom Bo

The threat of communist was growing and getting more serious

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1950- The McCarren Internal Security Act

The enables suspected communists to have their passports removed/seized

Foreigners in America can be deported

In an emergency any communists can be put in a concerntration camp 

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1951- The Rosenburgs sentenced to death

They were caught passing information to the Russians 

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1951- The Rosenburgs sentenced to death

They were caught passing information to the Russians 

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