The Deliverer

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About the poet - Tishani Doshi

  • Poet was born in Madraw India 
  • she is a dancer and freelance journalist 
  • she has writtern five books of poetry 
  • she now lives on a beach in Tamil Nadu 
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Tile 'The Deliverer' and 'Our Lady of the Light Co

  • religious and spiritual 
  • salavation 
  • retelling her mother's story
  • mother brings abandoned child to the airport 
  • giving birth

First Verse

  • 'The sister here is telling my mother ' - looking after other girls/nun/reminder of family bonds
  • ''how she came to collect children'- lots of them / parcels /empahisise / christian duty /how she got into this  
  • 'they were crippled or dark or girls. - unwanted/ undesirable   
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Second and Third Verse

  • ' found naked in the streets, Covered in garbage, stuffed in bags , ' - dehuminised 
  • abandoned at their doorstep.' more human 
  • opposite of what we would expect for baby 

Third Verse 

  • 'One of them was dug up by a dog,' - monosylabic 
  • 'was bone or wood, something to chew.'- vunerable , tossed aside, as an object  

Last line of first part of poem

  • 'this is the one my mother will bring- deliverer emotive / straightfoward 
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Fourth Verse and fifth verse

  • asterick divide / barrier / cultural gap 

Milwaukee Airport , USA

  • 'the parents wait at the gates. -simple eclarative , new parents/ adoption
  • 'they are American so they know about ceremony' - wealth
  • 'And tradition, about doing htings right.'- may know about indian traditions

fifth verse 

  • 'they haven'ts seen or touched her yet . -small child 
  • 'Don't know of her fetish for plucking hair off hands'- highly tramatised , pycological 
  • 'or how her mother tired to bury her.' - horrors unknown
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Sixth verse and Seventh

  • mothers perspective 'But they are crying' - only emotion is joy, poem is emotional 
  • 'we couldn't stop crying' - significance of italics  -mother is including herself 
  • rest of poem is straighfoward- only other voice in poem is mother's 
  • 'feeling the strangeness of her empty arms' - mother abandoned child , child given to convent
  • the mother will miss the baby/ child , maternal instincts , bond is hard to break


  • 'this girl grows up on video tapes' -temperal or time divide 
  • growing up -family tapes / life being filmed
  • 'sees how she's passed from woman to woman'- real mother to adopted , family gathering 
  • 'seh returns to twilight corners.' - happy upbring / negative note / pycological damage
  • edges/ outskirts
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Eight verse , nine and ten

  • how it happens in some desolate hut' - stil happens 
  • 'outside village boundaries'- shameful /poverty

next verse 

  • 'Where mothers go to squeeze out life,
  • watch body slither out of body,' -  life / birth deliver 

the verse after that 

  • 'feel for peepee or no peepee' ( paraphasised ) -  moment of life or death, only want boys, infanticide 
  • 'toss the baby to the heap of others.' common pratise / heartless 
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final line ( on its own )

  • 'Trudge home ot lie down for their men again.' - duty 
  • undercuts cultural patriarchy , numbness , caught in the bleakness of everything
  • no hope, or alternative
  • women's role in society
  • repeat process
  •  emotional impact on women 
  • links to poem Giuseppe as it is about guilt , tramua and how we deal with it as a community also has strict language 
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