The Computer Misuse Act

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The Computer Misuse Act

What computer misuses are covered by this law?

  • Hacking 
  • Creating malware e.g a worm
  • Using a keylogger
  • Defacing a website
  • Encrypting a device and demanding a ransom
  • Distrubuting phishing emails
  • SQL Injection
  • Pharming
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The Computer Misuse Act

Section 1- 

The intent to gain access into a computer system and find data. For example, gaining access to a colleagues account without their permission is illegal.

Section 2-

The manipulation of private data. 

Section 3-

Gaining access to a computer system with the intent of damaging the systems operations e.g stealing data. 

Section 3ZA-

Gaining access to a computer system with the intension of causing series damage. Large scale attacks for example.

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