The Coast - A Multi-use Area

A set of revision cards to help you learn about multi-use coastal areas for your AQA Geography B exam.

What is a multi-use coastal area?

Multi-use immediately suggests there is more than one use, which is correct. However, these uses need to be analysed, compared and contrasted.

Multi-use coastal areas provide economic, environmental and social/recreational opportunities for a range of people. Some might want to move to the seaside as part of their retirement. Other people, like business men, might want to take the coast as an opportunity to set up tourist attractions. Some local people may want to protect the nature, and so create a nature reserve along part of the coast. Others might just simply want to visit the sea as tourists themselves.

You need to be able to explain what a multi-use coastal area is for your exam.

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Case Study - Hampshire Coastal Area

The Hampshire coastal area is a prime example of how the coast can be used in a wide range of ways. In your exam, you will be required to offer an example of a multi-use coastal area, so you may want to familiarise yourself with this.

The Hampshire coastal area includes;

  • an oil refinery
  • a chemical plant
  • sailing resorts
  • a nature reserve
  • regional shopping centre
  • marinas
  • nature conservation area
  • country park
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Key Words for this Section

  • Multi-use coastal area
  • economic
  • environmental
  • recreational
  • social
  • opportunities
  • nature reserves
  • coast
  • tourism
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