The challenge of global hazards

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development: Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability Quadrant:


-Pro-poor? Is it affordable?

-Community based?

-Efficient use of resources?

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Renewable Energy Schemes

Community Hydropower in Kenya: In the romote areas of Mt. Kenya, two community hydroelectric schemes provide lighting, radio and telecommunications to over 200 households. Chicken farmers in the area, this hydropower provides warmth and increased productivity. It saves 42 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, as no kerosene is needed.

The Solar Island: In 1996 the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Association began a medium scale solar power development in Sagan Island. It now uses a stand alone photovoltaic power plant that provides grid quality electric to homes, shops and businesses as well as schools and health services. Diesel powered generators have been replaced by this scheme.

Biomass cooking: More than 2.5 billion people burn biomass for cooking and heating. biomass energy accounts for 80% of the current global renewable energy supply. Working with communities in Kenya , NGO's are providing cleaner fuels and more efficient stoves to improve the quality of cooking and health. In Kenya, wood fuel is still used but with fuel efficient stoves for cleaner air,

Jepirachi Wind Power:A project in NE Columbia aims to build 15 windmills on land beonging to the Wayun, a poor community, Energy will be used to power homes and provide clean water.

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