The Cell Lecture 1

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Plasma Membrane, Cell Theory + Prokaryotes/Eukaryo

Plasma membrane maintains homeostasis, is selectively permeable, communicates with outside environment, aids in binding and adhering. 

Cell Theory - cells are the fundamental units of life, all organisms are composed of cells, cells come from pre-existing cells.

Cell surface is limited by surface-area:volume ratio. Increasing volume decreases surface-area:volume ratio.

Prokaryotic cells - no nucleus, lack distinct organelles, some have cell walls, outside plasma membrane which maintains shape. 

Eukaryotic cells - membrane-enclosed nucluse, compartments + organelles. 

The cell wall of bacteria contains peptidoglycan. 

Gram -ve bacteria have an outer layer of lipopolysaccharide enclosing peptidoglycan layer. 

Mycoplasma is a bacteria which lacks cell wall, therefore is unaffected by some antibiotics.

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