The Bloody Chamber-Characters

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A poor, seventeen year old pianist who marries a Marquis. She narrates the story many years later having escaped teh murderer and remarried

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The Marquis

A French Nobleman who takes pleasure in challenging his wives to disobey him and then murdering them. His favourite room is his "bloody chamber" which is where he keeps their corpses.

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A kindly blind piano tuner who helps the heroine escape the Marquis and then later marries her.

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Heroine's mother

A brave women who grew up in Indo-China and then married a man who was poorer than her. When he died at war she was left penniless with her daughter

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The Opera Singer

The Marquis' first wife, whom he strangled to death,and whose body lies on a Catafalque in the forbidden room.

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The Evening Star Walking on the rim of night

The Marquis' second wife, whse skull hangs suspended by chords in his forbidden room.

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The Romanian Countess

The Marquis' latest wife beforre the heroine, whom he murdered in the iron maiden. The narrator drops the key to the forbidden room into her pooling blood.

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