The atmosphere

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Atmosphere's make-up

78%- Nitrogen

21%- Oxygen

0.04%- Carbon dioxide & Methane

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  • All our weather (short-term features) are found in this layer.
  • It is the lowest layer - <12km
  • Temperature decreases with altitude
  • This is due the crust being the source of heat, the further from it, the lower the temperature 
  • The tropopause the outer limit of the troposphere
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  • 12-50km up
  • Temperature increases with altitude
  • This is due to the ozone layer being situation in this layer which absorbs UV radiation.
  • Winds increase, as pressure falls with height
  • Stratopause is the upper limit of this layer
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  • 50-85km up
  • Temperature decreases with altitude
  • This is because it is warmed by the stratosphere, the further away, the cooler it is.
  • Temperatures are low
  • Winds are high
  • Mesopause is the upper limit of this layer.
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  • Uppermost level and so does not have a limit.
  • Extends from 85km to about 1000km up.
  • Temperature increases with altitude.
  • Due to the absorption of UV radiation by oxygen atoms.
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