the aral sea/ conflict between india and bangladesh

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the aral sea causes

  • the aral sea has been shrinking since the 1960s.
  • in the late 1950s the soviet gouverment diverted water from 2 rivers that fed into the aral sea  (syr darya and amu darya)
  • water was extracted for irrigation and agriculture such as planting fruits and cotton farming. providing jobs for millions of farm workers.
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the aral sea - impacts

negative impacts:

  • `fishing community suffered as it once employed 60,000 people. the led to economic hardship
  • locl residents suffered as wind blew salt and dust from the dried out sea bed
  • drinking water became heavily polluted and infant mortality rates had peaked as 10% of children were dying before they reached the age of 1
  • environmental impacts, as many species began to die out
  • irrrigation created salinisation for kazakstahn farmers, making drinking water and food crops salty
  • there was an increase in environmental migrants as their land became so infertile
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water conflict between india and bangladesh- cause


  • unequal share of the ganges river, most of the water is used by india
  • 1974 india opend a the farakka barrage, cotrolling water flowing into the bangladesh bourder
  • upstream there is there is a series of dams, which diverts water for irrigation schemes 
  • water is also used by indias largest cities to transfer wastewater for industrial and domestic uses.
  • there was an agreement made in 1990s, however india stilluses up most of the water 
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India and Bangladesh impacts

  • bangladesh was deprived of water, and suffered from polluted water
  • reduced flow of water affected irrigation and production
  • fishing idustry declinig
  • the rise and fall of the river makes the rice industry unreliable
  • lower river levels makes water-borne rade even more difficult
  • increased salinisation
  • erosion of river delta as less silt is being carried (downststream) and deposited
  • sea water intrusion (a movment of sea water into fresh water aquifires) increases as the delta dries out.
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