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The 3 Laws of Thermodynamics

0th Law: If system A is in thermal equilibrium with system B, and system B is in thermal equillibrium with system C, then system A is in thermal equillibrium with system C also.

1st Law: If work is performed on/by a system (±ΔW), and/or heat is added to or extracted from the system (±ΔQ), then the change in the system's internal energy is given by ΔU = ΔW + ΔQ.

2nd Law: A system will always tend to a state of higher disorder. (Concept of entropy)

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Equations of state

Ideal Gas: The molecules in an ideal gas do not interact and are point-like in size/shape. 

Van der Waals Gas: The molecules in a Van der Waals gas do interact and have finite shape/size.

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