The 1952 Presidential Election

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The Election

November 1952, Republican Eisenhower beat Democrat Stevenson

It was unclear at the start who would stand and whether there would be a third party

The Republicans were stuck between Robert Taft and Eisenhower.

Republican National convention, Chicago 7th-11th July, Eisenhower won over Taft

Eisenhower made several pledges including: ending the Korean War and supporting Taft-Hartley Act

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The Election

Democratic National Convention also had prblems two weeks later. There was several disagreements over civil rights.

Supported by the North, rejected by the South

Several candidates stood however Stevenson went on to stand eventhough he initial did not stand, as he was seen as the moderate choice.

The pledged to repeal Taft-Hartley and continue with the Korean war

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McCarthy's Impact on the Election

His accusations of treason and communist activities created fear

This domination of politics damaged carrers and distracted voters away from other pressing issues

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Republican Campaign

Eisenhower's cammpaign was based on Truman's handling of Korea, as well as his administration being corrupt and communist

Although he hated McCarthy as he attacked Marshall he did not speak out as it would have ruined his campaign

There was rumours that he was going to mention Marshall in his campaign speech in Wisconsin. However he did not and Truman criticisied him for it.

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Eisenhower won with 55% of the popular vote, winning 39 states

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