Textiles - Environmental Factors

All the keywords you need to know in the Environment section of the AQA syllabus

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A product made into something else e.g PET plastic bottles made into a fleece

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How the consumer should look after a product e.g. wash temperature

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How long a product lasts; the ability to withstand wear and tear

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The world; the conditions of the earth and its natural resources

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The company that provides a better lifestyle for LEDCs, e.g. workers are paid a fair wage

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Carbon Footprint

The measure of CO2 produced by a person or prodict, directly or indirectly

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Producing products following moral principles, e.g. workers being paid a fair wage

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Tertiary Recycling

Products broken down and reformulated; also known as chemical recycling

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To use a product or its materials again; to extend the life of a product or its materials

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Primary Recycling

To reuse a product in its current state, e.g to take a garment to a charity shop

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Secondary Recycling

To tear, shred, melt or ground products before reusing them; also known as physical recycling

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Mobius Loop

The recycling label; indicates the percentage of a product that is made from recycled material

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Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR


These revision cards are purposely not in order so that you can be sure you have learnt the keywords, whatever order they are in :)

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