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  • informal lexis "bit rough round the edges" makes them sound natural and not unnaturally perfect
  • superlatives "biggest and best" shows the quality is high and lots of care is taken over making them. use of alliteration to emphasise this and make it more memorable
  • repetition of "hand cooked" - more distinctive and traditional
  • "small family business" uses friendly lexis to makes them sound caring and traditional
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layout and presentation

  • logo is tilted to one side- makes them look infomral
  • crisps have a central character which helps reader to associate it with the brand
  • larger font used to emphasise certain phrases such as "hand cooked" and "100% real"
  • logo and slogon repeated on back
  • silver packaging helps it stand out
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  • exclamative "that bite back!" suggests they are strongly flavoured and therefore good quality
  • interrogative "can you do better?" gets reader involved, makes the crisps sound like they are more than just food
  • short exclamative "win free crisps!" encorages reader to take part and also shows how great the prize is
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