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  • mocks rich people because of the way they eat "two dishes at entertainment" and because of thier attitudes towards the poor "stealing until they arrive at six years old"
  • about british and irish relationships, written in a time of political unrest "present distress of the kingdom"
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  • sounds serious at first but is actually very sarcastic
  • uses knowledgeable lexis- aimed at rich and educated "I subtract" also shows mathematical lexis used a lot and makes sentences hard to understand, which adds to the rediculousness of the text
  • lexis matter of fact "again subtract fifty thousand, for those women who misscarry"
  • blunt lexis "stealing until they arrive at six years old" makes poor seem worthless as all they can do is steal
  • smantic field of food "wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked or boiled"
  • metaphor "devoured" suggests exploitation alos links to semantic field of food
  • mix of positive and negative lexis used to describe rich and poor. rich described as "fine gentlemen" and poor with negative lexis "a beggar's child"
  • "mother will have eight shillings of neat profit" makes it sound like a business proposal, care more about money than their children
  • "carcass" reification (conmapring people with animals)
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  • very long sentences made up of lots of punctuation that is hard to read, this makes it sound educated and formal (lines 1-7). the fact that it makes no sense suggests the sarcasm of the text and that the meaning of it shouldn't be taken seriously
  • sentences are split up to show his thought "neither build houses (I mean in the country)"
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  • sarcastic "I hope ill not be liable to the least objection" he knows this idea will meet a lot of objection
  • "very knowing American, of my acquaintence in London" makes him sound formal and rich, links with audience almost like it's written from his point of view
  • blunt tone "Infants flesh will be in season throughout the year" dehumanising people making them seem like cattle or vegetables
  • "already devoured most of the parents seem to be the best title to the children" bitter tone, rich already explouted the adults, doesn't matter about using the children as they are no better
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