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Causes (Physical)

Low pressure close to and over the British Isles.

Frequent showers and long periods of rain.

Heavy and intense thunder storms.

Friday 20th July 2007 - 80-90mm rainfall = 2 months

Exceeded 25mm in an hour.

120.8mm on the day.

Flat wide floodplain.

Saturated ground from pro-longed rainfall.

Ground couldn't absorb any more water.

Less infiltration, more surface run-off.

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Causes (Human)

Tewkesbury built on confluence between River Severn and River Avon.

Built up area with impermeable ground surfaces so less infiltration and more surface run-off.

Land built on floodplains of river.

Lack of woodland so reduced interception.

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Effects (Short-term)

50,000 homes affected.

Transport, infrastructure, municipal, commercial and domestic properties affected on the Severn and Avon valleys.

40 of 204 sewage pumping stages damaged.

11 of 53 sewage treatment works in Gloucestershire affected.

Access difficulties.

70,000 homes lost piped water on the 23rd July.

24th July 140,000 homes.

350,000 people without piped water for 7-10 days.

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Effects (Long-term)

£140 million cost to local councils.

£3.2 billion to the British economy.

All four main access routes flooded.

Only access was disused railway line by foot and bicycle.

Mythe Water Treatment Works flooded for the 1st time in 100 years.

Loss of trade.

Still in temporary conditions after one year.

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Responses (Short-term)

Alternative water supplies used such as bottles, tankers and bowsers.

Sand bags used to soak up water and act as barrier.

Environmental Agency issued advice and flood warnings.

Temporary housing and water provided.

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Responses (Long-term)

Introduction of flood-proof plans such as higher electrical sockets, floodsacks, door guards and valves in drains and pipes.

Property values decreased, insurance increased.

Floodplain zoning and restrictive building for public buildings on floodplains.

Pressure on public to take care in the future.

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