Water- turns white anhydrous copper sulphate blue

Hydrogen gas- Makes a squeky pop with a lighted splint

Carbon Dioxide- Limewater goes cloudy

Chlorine- bleaches damp litmus paper

Ammonia- It  dissolves in water to get Ammonium Hydroxide. Then turns damp litmus paper blue.

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Chemistry of The Elements

  • Diffusion is the random movement of particles in a liqiud or gas to fill available space. They diffuse from where they are most concentrated to where they are least concentrated.
  • Atoms are made up of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons.
  • Molecules are made up to two or more atoms covalently bonded together.
  • Elements are made up of one type of atom.
  • Compunds are two or more elements chemically bonded together.
  • Mixture are two compounds physically bonded together
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