Tess of the D'Urbervilles QUOTES


Tess at one with nature

"She was a fine and picturesque country girl and no more"

"She was akin to the landscape"

"Daughter of Nature"

"Earth-coloured hair"

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Pastoral Idyll

"An engirdled and secluded region"

"For the most part untrodden but tourist or landscape painter as yet"

"The fields were never brown and the springs never dry"

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"He could not believe at that hour, when every living thing had been intended at shelter and rest, he had been called upon to go out and labour"

"Tess slaved"

"The red-tyrant machine that the women had come to serve"

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Superstition and Tradition

"The spotted-cow song...that she knew so well"

"[Joan] mind that she don't get malt in her flower"

"May-day dance"

"I tried her fate in the fortune-teller book"

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"Though within a four hours' journey from London"

"The single alehouse at this end of the long and broken village"

"Starve-acre place"

"D'urberville gave her the kiss of mastery"

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"She wore a white frock"

"She wore a red ribbon in her hair"

"For all her bouncing womanliness, childhood lurked in her aspect still"

"Earth-coloured hair"

"White muslin dress"

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"She knew what their whispers were about, grew sick at heart, and felt that she could come to church no more"

"Shabby corner of God's allotment where He lets the nettles grow"

"Where all unbaptized infants, notorious drunkards, suicides and others of the conjectually condemned are laid" 

"She thought of the child consigned to the nethermost corner of hell, as its double doom for lack of baptism and lack of legitimacy"

"Perhaps I don't quite know of the Lord as yet"

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"How was I expected to know? I was just a child"

"warm crimson...it was of a recent erection"

"She lugged a heavy bundle"

"In a slight distress she parted her lips and took it in"

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