Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

After 5 months the Big three decided on the terms of the peace treaty with Germany

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Territorial losses

  • Germany lost all of the land it had gained from Russia by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (1918).
  • Germany lost land to the newly formed country of Poland. This included West Prussia, Posen and part of Upper Silesia. East Prussia was now separated from the rest of Germany.
  • Alsace and Lorraine were returned to France.
  • Eupen and Malmedy went to Belgium.
  • North schleswig went to Denmark.
  • The Saar coalfields were ran by the League of Nations for France.
  • Danzig and Memel were controlled by the League of Nations.
  • Germany lost all her colonies. They were ran by other ountries under the League of Nations control.
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Military Terms

  • Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria (the Anchless).
  • Germanys army was reduced to 100,000 men.
  • Their navy could only have 6 battleships and no submarines.
  • Conscription was banned. All soldiers had to be volunteers.
  • Germnay was not allowed tanks or military aircraft.
  • The Rhineland was demiliterised.
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Economic Terms

  • Germany had to accept the War Guilt Clause. This forced Germnay to accept full responsibility for starting the war. This provided the reason for punishing Germany.
  • Germany had to pay reparations to the allies. In other words, Germany had to pay for the damage that the war caused. In 1921, the amount of reparations was fixed to £6,600 million.
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The League of Nations

  • The League of Nations was set up to keep intyernational peace for the future.
  • The Covernant was included at the beginning of each of the peace treaties.
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Why did all the victors not get everything they wa

The peace treaties were a compromise which satisfied none of the victors.

  • Wilson felt that the treat was to harsh on Germany and didn't like the fact that some germans remained out of Germany.
  • Clemenceau was not able to punish Germany as much as he wanted to.
  • Lloyd George felt that Germnay had been punished too much.
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