Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

The Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

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The War Guilt Clause

Germany had to publicly accept the blame for starting the war and all of the damage

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Armed Forces

Military Restrictions

Germany's military was heavily restricted:

  • No air force
  • No tanks
  • No submarines
  • Army limited to 100 000 men
  • No conscription
  • Size and number of naval ships limited
  • Navy limited to 15 000 men
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Germany had to pay for the damage caused in the war - a total fixed at £6 600 million in 1921

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German Territory

German Territory

Parts of German territory were given away to other countries and de-militarised:

  • Danzig was made a free city under League of Nations control. Poland could use the port for its external trade
  • The Polish Corridor gave Poland access to the sea, and split East Prussia from the rest of Germany
  • The Saar was put under League of Nations control for fifteen years. France was given the products of the Saar coalfields as part of reparations payments
  • The Rhineland was to be permanently de-militarised by Germany. It would be occupied by the Allies for fifteen years
  • Anschluss between Germany and Austria was forbidden

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League of Nations

League of Nations

A League of Nations was formed

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