Tension between the USA and USSR

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Three reasons for Tension between the USA and USSR

1. Stalin was determined to force communism onto Poland and other Eastern European Countries.

2. The USA deliberately didn't tell the USSR about the development and plan to use the atom bomb on Japan. This made the USSR suspicous of the USA.

3. Stalin wanted compensation from Germany for the damage done o the USSR in the war. Truman thought this would be a repeat of the mistakes made after the First World War.

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The Truman Doctrine

  • This promised that the USA would support any nation threatened by a communist takeover.
  • The USA and Britain had already ensured the failure of Communists during the Greek civil war in 1947.
  • Truman presented the Doctrine as a contest between the two sets of ideas.
  • The USA was defending Democracy against communist takeover.
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The Marshall Plan

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