spanish Tenses

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First conjugation verbs end in -ar e.g Hablar - to speak

Second conjgation verbs end in -er e.g Comer - to eat

Third conjugation verbs end in -ir e.g vivir - to live

present                                              AR                       ER                         IR

                                     yo                       o                          o                           o

                                     tu                       as                        es                         es

                                     el/ella                a                           e                           e

                                     nosotros           amos                   emos                     emos

                                      vosotros            ais                        is                           is 

                                     ellos/ellas         an                        en                          en

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 past       AR                       ER                         IR

yo                       é                          í                            í

tu                      aste                      iste                       iste

el/ella                ó                          ió                          ió

nosotros           amos                    imos                     imos

vosotros           asteis                   isteis                     isteis 

ellos/ellas        aron                      ieron                     ieron

example Fue = i went

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