Temperate grassland biome

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were are they found

  • found outside the topics so 23.5 degrees Norht and South 
  • A major one include the America Plains. 

map of loaction (http://torontoist.com/attachments/toronto_christ/boreal-forest-before.jpg)

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  • have extremely  hot summers 
  • also they have very cold winter
  • Summer Temperatures can be well over 100 degress Fahrenhei, 37.5 
  • in the winter the tempauter  drop -40. 
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soil types

  • main types are Chernozemic and Praires 
  • Chernozemic is a rich black soil costisitng of sand clay and decyaing biological material. 
  • Prauie soil forms in the sub humid temperature with tall grass as the native vegation. 
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  • Many diffrenets type of grass make up the grassland. 
  • they adapted to surive long periods of drought or frost. 
  • long roots to help prevent soil erosion.
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  • many big cats hunt their prey on the grassland such as Cheetash and Lions. 
  • the Buffalo were the the main inhabitant before they were hunted to near extinction. 
  • grass is grazzed by variety of animals. incduilding  Anteloe, Deer, Gazelles, Zebras, Rhions. 
  • They are also a small mammals that live near the ground for safety such as Mice, Jack Rabbits, Weasels, and may Species of Snake. 
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