Teleological Ethics


Teleological Ethics

  • Teleological ethics is focussed on the outcome of the decisions we make 
  • They are relative theories, relative to the guiding principle
  • Consequentialist theories
  • Situation Ethics is an example of a teleological theory 
  • J. Fletcher was anti-legalist
  • Agape Focus 
  • 'Do the most loving thing'
  • Utilitarianism is another example of a teleological theory
  • Bentham: 'Greatest good for the greatest number of people'
  • Hedonic Calculus to make decisions
  • Nothing intrinsically right or wrong
  • Teleological theories offer us the flexibility that we need to make complex moral decisions
  • Focuses on people, not just blindly following rules
  • People can take responsibility for their actions
  • We aim for positive outcomes
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