Tectonics volcanoes case study: Mount St helens

case study of the volcano at mount st helens in america, for aqa gcse geography

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  • destructive plate boundry- juan de fuca subducts under north american plate
  • composite cone volcano
  • acidic lava
  • eryption may 1980
  • mount st helens in NW USA
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short term effects

  • pyroclastic flow flattens 35okm2 of trees
  • lakes and rivers clogged with ash
  • 7000 salmon killed
  • 61 deaths
  • 15 cm layer of ash
  • roads and bridges impassible
  • lava created mud flow scarring landscape
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long term effects

  • job loss on salmon farm
  • forestry industry job loss
  • area of natural beauty damaged so a loss in tourism
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short term responces

  • volcano monitored before the eruption
  • 30km danger set up on April 30th
  • panic
  • people evacuated- low loss of life
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long term responces

  • $950 million aid from us government
  • money invested in tourism- visitors centre- now attracts more tourists than before
  • tree growth recovering due to fertile layer of ash
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