tectonics case study: tsunami- boxing day tsunami

notes on the boxing day tsunami for aqa gcse geography

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  • caused by destructive plate boundry between indo-Australian and eurasian plates
  • undersea earthquakes of 9.2 Richter scale
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short term effects

  • series of tsunami's travelling 500mph towards coasts
  • 11 countries effected
  • 1.7 homeless
  • 230,000 killed
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long term effects

  • many children orphaned
  • high emotional impact as so many are killed
  • disease spread quickly as people live close together in temporary shelters with poor sanitation
  • rotting corpses attract disease
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short term responses

  • panic
  • people leave their homes and head for higher ground
  • 160 aid agencies involved including UK charity Shelter box
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long term responses

  • tsunami warning system set up for the indian ocean- funded by world bank
  • £370 million donated by public
  • huge number still homeless
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sarahish majid


it helped sort of :)

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