Tectonic Plates

Types of plate margin etc

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Plate margins

3 types of plate margin:

Destructive margins: 2 plates moving towards each other. Oceanic meets Continental - denser oceanic plate SUBDUCTS under continental plate -> ocean trenches and volcanoes.

Continental meets continental -> smash together - no crust destroyed.

Constructive margins: 2 plates moving away from each other. Magma rises from mantle, fills gap and cools -> new crust.

Conservative margins: 2 plates moving sideways past each other. Crust NOT created OR destroyed

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Fold Mountains

Fold mountains are formed at Destructive Margins

When tectonic plates collide: sedimentary rocks fold and are forced upwards -> mountains.

Fold mountains can form where continental plate collides with oceanic plate. EG Andes in South America.

Can also form where two continental plates collide. EG  Himalayas in Asia.

Characteristics: Very high mountains, very rocky with steep slopes. Often snow and glaciers in highest parts, and lakes in valleys between mountains.

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I'm sure destructive plates move away from each other and convergent ones move towards each other.. :P

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