Technical terms in Poetry

Just some things to look out for in poetry and write in your essay about a poem or the comparison of two poems...

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Poetry terms:

Alliteration: The consonant is repeated e.g: The Slippery snake slithered by.

Assonance: Corresponding vowel sounds in two words but a different consonant e.g: drown/crowd.

Imagery: A picture in words and can use the senses to describe.

Enjambement: No punctuation at the end of the line of the poem -run on sentences.

Pathetic Fallacy: Is when nature harmonises/mirrors human events/emotions.

Oxymoron: Is two words opposite in meaning combined in effect.

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Poetry terms:

Metaphor: Comparison-State something is something (no "as" or "like")

Personification: When you give an inanimate object human feelings and actions For Example: The moon danced across the sky.

Pun: A play on words (similar in sound different in meaning).

Similie: A comparison using the words "as" or "like" e.g as blind as a bat.

Onomatopiea: When a word sounds like the sound e.g. cuckoo, crash, bang.

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