Tanzania Aid Case Study

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Tanzania is on the East Coast of Africa below Kenya and above Mozambique

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Aid Recieved

  • International foreign aid
  • Large scale capital intensive aid 
  • Importation of 2nd hand clothes from HICs
  • Long term bottom up development
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Bottom Up Development = Sustainable

Communities are helped to become self sufficient

Farm Africa, a UK organisation started a £200,000 aid project in local villages in Babati:

  • Brings in very little from outside the country
  • Focuses on training and improving existing skills
  • Importation of dairy goats= milk=good diet
  • Supports schools in education of sustainable farming and better farming techniques
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Capital Intensive =Unsustainable

Tanzania has a 5 billion pound debt from extensive borrowing in the 1960s and 1970s meaning for every £1 given in foreign aid, £9 is paid back to HICs in debt repayments so the corrupted society diverts the money given away from the aid it is meant to supply

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Importation of 2nd Hand Clothes

Tanzania relied heavily on its clothes trade so when free clothes were given the citizens didnt have a need to buy new clothes locally so the industry collapsed and damaged the local manufacturing industry which then damaged the primary industry which supplied the manufacturers. This means that now citizens are dependant on HICs for clothes thus are not self sufficient nor is it a sustainable practice

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