taming of the shrew

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Taming of the Shrew


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Act 1 Sc 1

Gremio and Hortensio trying to get a husband for Kate. Lucentio and Tranio diguise themselves as tutors.

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Act 1 Sc 2

Petruchio arrives hoping to get married for money. Hortensio and Grumio meet him and think he should marry Kate. they develop a plan to disguise themselves as schoolmasters.

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Act 2 sc 1

Kate fights with Bianca, Baptista meets with Petruchio, Gremio and Tranio before deciding Petruchio can have Kate. Kate and Petruchio meet and argue before Baptista returns, Ends with Gremio and Tranio battling for Bianca's hand.

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Act 3 Sc 1

Lucentio and Hortensio disguised as tutors compete and state their love for Bianca.

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Act 3 Sc 2

Katherina and Petruchio are getting married, he turns up late ridiculous clothing. He carries Kate to his house from the wedding feast against her will.

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Act 4 Sc 1

Servants prepare for arrival of Petruchio, Kate and Pretuchio arrive. Kate is deprived of food and sleep.

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Act 4 Sc 2

Lucentio and Bianca court. Tranio tricks Hortensio into foreswearing his love for Bianca. Tranio persuades the Pedant to be Lucentio's father, Vincentio.

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Act 4 Sc 3

Grumio teases Kate with food and Petruchio teases her with food and clothes with the Tailor.

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Act 4 Sc 4

Pedant pretending to be Vincentio, meets Baptista.

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Act 4 Sc 5

Journey back to Padua, 'sun and moon'. Kate and Petruchio meet the real Vincentio.

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Act 5 Sc 1

Vincentio comes to Padua to look for Lucentio and all the disguises are revealed.

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