Taking on the world, how does she create a vivid picture

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Structure 1

Chronological, therefore making it easier to follow the scene as it unfolds. The passage explains Ellen MacArthur's problem at the start and then follows her attempt to complete the task

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Structure 2

At start, "hardest climb to date" but by the end, "we had the best present ever". This shows the struggle and the sense of elation and accomplishment that Ellen felt

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This may be taken as underdeveloped writing.

This also makes us relate to the struggles more than if it were overly descriptive.

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Alot of imagery created

"laying out the halyard on the deck"

not very complex which is makes it easy to create a mental picture of what is occuring.

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More at the climax.

This echoes what is happening to Ellen MacArthur as she is more likely to be injured the further up the mast that she goes.

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Reflects her determination and perserverance.

"eyes closed and teeth gritted"

This helpes you empathise with her as it is showing a hardship but also her determination not to fail however hard it gets.

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Vivid picture of her fear in penultimate paragraph.

Syntax breaks down as she faces the final danger of the escapade.

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