Systems life cycle

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Training and documentation

  • User training on how to use the new system
  • Documentation to help the user is created
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Evaluation and monitoring

  • Checking user requirements and performance criteria have been met
  • assessment of client/user satisfaction
  • setting up review cycle
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  • Set up help desk facilites
  • add extra functions when required
  • improve performance
  • investigate system crashes to prevent them happening
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  • Test plan created during design stage is used to test the system
  • Test data is entered
  • results are compared with what was expected
  • action is taken to correct faults
  • validation tests are tested
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  • Produces a working solution according to the design
  • Produces a framework for databases, spreadhseets, etc
  • Use software tools to produce a solution
  • Produces the working system according to the desired outcomes
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Feasibility study

Looks to see is a system can be built

Finds out what people want from the new system by using:

  • Questionnaires
  • interviews
  • observations
  • inpection of records
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  • Designs the system in line with desired outcomes
  • descides on the processes
  • designs validation tests
  • design test plans
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  • Identifies the problems to be solved
  • Looks at detail at the current system
  • understands the existing system
  • identifies desired outcomes
  • sets up performance criteria
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