System Security

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Penetration Testing

Targeted Testing: Performed by the oganisations IT team

External Testing: Test outside organisation, the web servers or firewalls

Internal Testing: This test mimics an inside attack from an employee

Blind testing: A blind test strategy simulates the actions and procedures of a real attacker

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Network Forensics

Capturing and analysis of netork packets (packet sniffing)

It has two purposes

  • monitering a network for irregular traffic and identifying instructions
  • searching for keywords in packets and reading comminications such as emails or chat sessions.
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Good network Policies

Passwords secure and containing uppercase, lowercase and numbers

Restricting User Access Levels

Not Sharing sensitiv data

Using company computers for work only

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Anti-Maleware Software

E.g. Norton, AVG, Mcfee

Scans computer for maleware

Scans files as you open/download them for maleware

Removes maleware if found

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Software on computer or hardware device attached to router 

Barrier to stop unwanted traffic entering the network

Filters traffic and informaton leaving the network ensuring is meets a specified criteria

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Convery data using code, the reader needs the key to the code to read it

Shared Key Encryption: The sender and the recipient have the same key.

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