Synthetic Fibres

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  • Source: Chlorine and dioxins - Non-renewable resource. Can be used as coating.
  • Properties: Strong, good insulation, durable, flexible, waterproof, thermoplastic
  • Typical blends: Cotton, linen, viscose, modal, silk
  • End-uses: Weather proof coatings, rain coats, shower curtains, underwear, jumpers, hats fleece.
  • Aftercare: Machine washable, fast drying, iron with care. 
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Elastane - Core spun

  • Sources: Segmented polyeurethane, composed of soft segments bonded with hard segments.
  • Properties: Stretch up to 7X length and recover, supple fabric with good drape, adds comfort, adds softness and crease resistance, improves body shaping and shape retention.
  • Typical blends: Always combined with other fibres. Max 20% (swimwear)
  • End-uses: Body hugging garments, sportswear, swimwear, skiwear, lingerie, bandages, shoes.
  • Aftercare: Depends on majority fibre content: hand/machine wash, can be dry cleaned and boiled.
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  • Source: Petrochemicals. Can be engineered to provide a wide variety of properties and characteristics.
  • Properties: Non-absorbent, flat filaments trap little air so are cool, very strong and durable, abrasion resistant.
  • End uses: carpets, curtains, sportswear, tents, ropes, seatbelts, fleece garments.
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  • Source: Petrochemicals. Engineered to have variety of properties. Melt spun
  • Properties: Low absorbency, prone to static, can be fine & soft or firm, cool, strong, tear resistant, durable, wind proof, water repellent, lightweight, good drape, good elasticity - crease resistant, thermoplastic, breathable, dyes well, loses strength with sun exposure.
  • Aftercare: Machine wash at low temperatures, fast drying, dry clean & tumble dry.
  • End uses: Clothing, medical textiles, rainwear.
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  • Sources: Petrochemicals. Wet spun. Filament/microfibre.
  • Properties: Low absorbency, fast drying, static, good strength, crease resistant, soft handle & good drape, warm, thermoplastic - sensitive to steam and heat, can shrink.
  • End-uses: Blankets, curtains, carpets, microfibre performance fabric, faux fur, fluffy knitting yarns, jumpers.
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