symbolic interactionism

keywords,weber,cooley,rosenthal and jacobson,mead

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symbolic interactionism

  • weber
  • micro approach
  • looks at relationship between society and individuals
  • society consequence of small scale interactions
  • social groups a result of negotiating and agreeing on common definitions of reality 
  • symbols used to interact
  • these include language,gestures,appearance ect
  • meanings attached applied in groups
  • explores youth culture and gangs that both have symbols specific to group(shared meaning)
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  • mead
  • individual has self that lets us reflect on us as if looking at object .develops through interacting
  • I is thinking and acting aspect of self
  • me aspect of self lets that I reflect on
  • Me is how others see us
  • I monitors how others see us
  • self takes on roles in society
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looking glass self- COOLEY

  • Cooley
  • self monitored by other peoples reactions
  • it can influence our own perceptions
  • 3 stages to developing our self...

1) imagination how we appear to others

2)imagination of reactions and judgements of that appearance

3)development of imprrssions and self feeling based on these judgements

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self fulfilling prophecy- R AND J

  • Rosenthal and Jacobson
  • others constantly define and label is in particular way
  • label sticks as we define ourselves according to label
  • their prophecy fullfilled in reality
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