Swansong - Dance Theory


The Roles of Dancers

Starting Points, Themes and Influences

Physical Setting

Aural Setting

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Contemporary Choreographers - Starting Points, The

What are the starting points for Swansong?

-Amnesty International

-Prisoner of Conscience

-'A Man' written by Oriana Fallaci


What key themes does Swansong explore?




-Human Rights

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Contemporary Choreographers - Starting Points, The

Describe the style of Swansong.




What different dance styles can you see within Swansong?


-Tap Steps

-Graham Contemporary


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Physical Setting

Type of Stage


-Proscenium Arch Stage


-So the focus is on the dancers

-The audience can take their own interpretation

-Suits narrative style

-Atmosphere of intimidation/isolation

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Physical Setting

Set Design


-Abstract                          -Symbolic

-Minimalistic                    -Single chair



-Atmosphere of fear, darkness

-Allows you to imagine where it takes place

-Symbolises prison cell- takes you into location

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Phsyical Setting



-'David Mohr'                -Spotlights

-Footlights                    -Dark backdrop emphasises lighting

-Diagonal shaft of light in solo from upstage left


-Looking for hope and something to believe in



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Physical Setting



-Chair                   -Red nose

-Hats                    -Canes



-Sheild                 -Humiliation

-Weapon             -Degrading

-Safe place

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Aural Setting

Describe the aural setting of Swansong in as much detail as you can.

-The silence before the music starts, builds tension

-Audible aspect- foot tapping, clapping


-Electro-acoustic music with digitally sampled sounds

-Crash- builds, upbeat

What is the effect of this aural setting on Swansong? (Mood, atmosphere, relationship to dance)

-Shows converstaion and questioning builds tension

-Music builds tension and climax

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Aural Setting


Just before section 7, the prisoner is beaten and is unconcious on the chair.

-We question whether he is dead or not?

-The silence gives the audience time to take their own interpretation.

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Analysis- Scene- Questions and Answers

Describe the actions in this section.

-Claps          -Stamps         -Falls                     

-Lifts            -Turns            -Balances           

-Leaps         -Tap steps     -Cartwheel

-Leans         -Handstand 


-Stamping out Q&A shows hostality, violence and the power balance

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Analysis- Scene- Questions and Answers

Describe how the dancers use the space.

-Centre related                  -Close proximity           -Left and right linear pathways


-Clear questioning and answering                         -Guards working as a team

Describe the dynamics used.

-Fluid               -Sharp              -Weightless            -Energetic

-Floppy            -Sudden           -Floating


-Builds tension                 -Manipulation                 -Guards throwing him around

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Analysis- Scene- Questions and Answers

Describe the relationships between the dancers.

-Officers moved in pair             -Conversation- Q&A           

-Prisoner- solo                          -Repetition

-Canon                                     -Compliment and contrast


-Guards working together

-Finishing off each others sentences


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The Roles of Dancers

Number of Dancers:               3

Gender:                                   Male

Character:                              2 guards/officers/interrogaters

                                                1 prisoner of war

Role/Status:                           Guards interrogate and torture prisoner

                                                The prisoner was imprisoned for his rights

                                                Prisoner has lower status

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-Light brown shirts

-High waisted dark brown trousers

-Black belt

-Black jazz shoes

-Hair is neat (neater than prisoners) and dark brown/black

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-Blue, denim, ankle length jeans

-Short sleeved pink t-shirt

-Black jazz shoes

-Brown belt

-Hair is brown, curly and quite messy

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