Sustainable Management - SMMA St Lucia

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What were the main problems in this area?

  • degredation of coastal water quality - direct impacts on human health and the well-being of the reef ecosystem
  • depletion of near-shore fish reserves
  • less of the economic, scientific and recreational potential of coral reefs, particularly for diving tourism
  • degredation of beach landscapes and environmental quality by hotel developments etc
  • pollution from rubbish disposal in ravines or into the sea
  • yacht anchor damage to reefs
  • sedimentation of the reefs caused by runoff from rivers and storm damage 
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Main stakeholders and conflicts between them

  • conflict between commercial dive operators and fishermen over the use of coral reefs
  • between yaughts and fishermen because of anchoring in fishing areas
  • between local community and hoteliers over access to beaches
  • between fishermen and local and national authorities over the location of a jetty in a fishing priority area
  • between fishermen and hoteliers over the use of the beaches for commercial fishing or recreational, tourism-orientated activities 
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  • gets people actively involved 
  • tries to apply aims to all key players and people 
  • allows everything to happen in MODERATION
  • bottom up 


  • income from tourism
  • provides jobs 
  • fair distribution of areas for equal access to income


  • sustainable
  • focusses on a large area 
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  • lots of conflict with those it effects
  • opposition - fishermen restrited to certain zones - not impressed!
  • only local - not national/international


  • not necessarily economically sustainable
  • possible lower income for fishermen who are now restricted on where they can catch their fish
  • expensive and may not be successful


  • may not be succcesful 
  • more areas designated for tourism, even though still restricted, means more damage can be done 
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