Sustainable Development (Hobsons Brewery)

Hobsons Brewery, Cleobury Mortimer is an example of a sustainable business.

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Hobsons Brewery only supply cask beer to pubs with in a 50 mile radius of the brewery.

Supplying places such as: Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Hereford, Worcester, Cheltenham.

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The business now uses a lighter bottle which is 35% lighter that traditional beer bottles, this means their is less packaging for the company therefore saving money on truck transport cost.

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Barley & Hops

The barley and hops used to make Hobsons beer is harvested from local farms within 10 miles of the brewery. This is good because it gives small farms business and creates jobs for them.

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Wind Turbine

Hobsons have built a wind turbine which produces 11 kilowatt of electricity and supplies the brewery with 1/3 of its electric energy. This is good be cause it is a renewable infinite source.

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Hot & Cold

When the brewery was built 4 boreholes were drilled into the ground underneath it. The water sourced from these holes give the brewery 11 Celcius water all year round, This water can be used to heat parts of the business and cool fridges used to cool the finished product.

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Around the brewery are drums which collect the rain water of roofs, the water collected is used to flush toilets, clean company vehicles and make the beer. Every 2 pints of water collected 1 pint of Hobsons is produced.

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